Monday, May 28, 2012

A Busy Saturday

Saturday was a very busy day for the club with the POSH Garage Sale, the club information centre at Canadian Tire Jump Start event, and the regular Saturday Keel Boat Racing.   Two out of three of the events were very successful.  The club members manning the information centre spent five hours explaining youth sailing and other club activities.  The objective of raising $500 was met by the garage sale.  Thank you to everyone who contributed goods and a special thanks to those that manned the sale.

 It was a beautiful sunny day for racing, but unfortunately the wind was a no show and the race was cancelled.  Summer Wind and Sailmates decided to go out and they were rewarded with some brief periods of wind.  Everyone who showed up for the race got out on the water.

There are still two more Saturday Keel Boat Races scheduled, on June 2nd and 9th, for the Spring Series.  Keel Boat racing will then resume in Sept.

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 26th PRYC Yard Sale

Great yard sale everyone!  Busy, Busy, Busy.  It was a great day to have a garage sale with a number of sales going on.  We reached our goal of $500.00!  Thanks to all the members for contributing.  There is some more stuff left to sell.  We will repeat this successful event later in the season.  Save your goodies and donate them to the club.

Special guest to the PRRY garage sale - Rocco from the Powell River KINGS.  Rocco enjoyed time with club members Marlene and Joyce as they helped dress him in a Hawain costume.  The grass skirt and clam shells looked great!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Canadian Tire invited the Powell River Yacht Club to set up an information centre while Canadian Tire celebrated their Jump Start program. The program offers assistance to needy children so they can participate in a variety of sports including sailing training. Brian and I spent five hours talking sailing to everyone that came by. The discussions ranged from the two weeks of youth sailing to the Thursday evening adult sailing as well as the fixed keel racing, there is so much to talk about. It was a hot but great day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

PRYC Work "B"
Louise, Joyce and Marlene spend the afternoon assisting Membership Director prepare information for the Membership Drive. 
Every boat in the harbours received an invitation to join the club.
Can you help Constance, our Membership Director, by inviting your friends to join the club.  It is fun and affordable and you don't even need to own a boat.  What a deal!!!

And the winner is?   Constance Roy.  Constance wins the Spring Activity Prize.  PRYC thanks Quality Foods for the continued support of the club. 
 Shop Local. 
Think Global. 

Sponsoring the club for early summer is Guy's Cycle Works and Marine.  Need some new equipment or repairs, then contact Guy and discuss club pricing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Algerine Race

Congratulations go to  Celerity, a Hotfoot 27 skippered by Chris Fitzgerald.  She won both Overall and Line Honours.

In spite of the weather forecast, this race was a real test of the teams ability to handle light air and find the few zephyrs that were available.  Comox Harbour was dead calm at the start and all the boats motored to the bell buoy for the start.  There was a light wind and we were able to start, but that wind died shortly and progress was very slow.  The course was further shortened to finish at Grant's Reef.

After the finish the promised SE wind finally arrived in time to slow progress to Powell River.

Several of the boats had the great luck to be visited by a pod of Orcas during the the race.  A great treat for everyone.

A grand time was had at the Shingle Mill celebrating another great day on the water.

Motoring from Goose Spit to the bell buoy

Summer Wind early in the race

Seance sporting her light wind  head sail

Max preparing his opening remarks

A full house at the Shingle Mill

Chris Fitzgerald receiving the Overall trophy

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Algerine Passage Race starts in less than 20 minutes and the living is easy! Reports from Comox Harbour indicate not a breath of wind at the start line but there is wind on the strait and the forecast is looking good. The 5 Comox Boats and 3 Powell River boats are goinging to have a great day! Good luck and have a fantastic day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Algerine Race

All three boats made a successful crossing under light winds.  We had a delightful happy hour and dinner at the Blackfin Pub.  The skippers reviewed the race rules with the Comox team. The start is set for 9am tomorrow.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

More from Vivian Island Cruise.

Sea Bear under sail. 
Guy rafted to Magic Karpet III

Chocolate Lilies

Returning to Sea Bear

Sailmate provides taxi service out to boats rafted to Magic Karpet III

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The reason for the cruise.

Sea Bear at anchor

Getting to the beach.  While not pictured here,
Gerard and Kim made multiple trips to get
crew to shore.

First order of business was setting up lunch.
The food was great and there was enough to feed a
small country

Then on to exploring the island.

The fleet at anchor

A harem of seals. 

A smaller group of frisky seals saying goodbye and we sailed away

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am sure we will have more pictures coming, but I wanted to post now how special the cruise to Vivian was.  Deirdre set very high expectation about how wonderful the wild flowers were, but she undersold the experience.   The colours and smells were well beyond even the lofty praise she had showered on the island. 

We had a great turn out on what was a nearly perfect day.   The nearly part comes from the wind not showing up for very long.  We had 5 to 10 knots for a short period, but than the bane of PNW sailors reappeared, glassy waters.

Even with the lack of wind, the day reminded me how beautiful and wonderful the place we live in is.

Special thanks for Deirdre for again organizing a great cruising activity.


Here are the results for the May 12th race.

Place    Boat                       Corrected time
1st        Summer Wind       2.38
2nd       Kindred Spirit       2.49
3rd        Seance                   2.55
DNF     Leprechaun          

Powell River Sailing Club Race Results
Date: 12-May-12 Series: Spring Actual Time Actual Standings
Boat Name Boat Type Owner(s) Handicap Multiplier Hr Min Sec Time (dec.) Corrected Time
Kindred Spirit Ericson 35 Kim & Leslie 159 0.803461 3 6 22 3.106 2.495639335 2nd
Saoirse Riviera Star Constance 297 0.686378 0 0 0 0.000 0
Summer Wind Catalina 27 Ray & Robin 205 0.760234 3 8 0 3.133 2.382066277 1st
Leprechaun Catalina 22 Bob & Laura 276 0.701944 0 0 0 0.000 0 DNF
Sail Mates Telstar Terry 90 0.878378 0 0 0 0.000 0
Séance 46 Custom Brian & Jenine 99 0.867824 2 56 24 2.940 2.551401869 3rd
Majic Karpet CS36 Gerard 130 0.833333 0 0 0 0.000 0
Note: B Factor used for March 25th Race was 650
Multiplier = A/(B+PHRF Handicap)
A = 650
B Factor When used
480 Heavy air or all off the wind
550 "Average" conditions
650 Very light air or all windward work

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I was unable to make the race today due to a previous commitment with St. John Ambulance Dogs.  But I was able to get some pictures from Grief Point at the end of the race.  Not as much fun as racing.


Monday, May 7, 2012

May 5th Race

 The May 5th  had a great turnout with 6 boats.  Unfortunately the wind didn't show up.  Summer Wind, Seance, and Kindred Spirit demonstrated great light wind ability.    All in All another great day on the water and fellowship after the race.

Results for the Race

Place  Boat                      Time          Corrected Time
1st      Summer Wind        3:1:58        2.33
2nd     Seance                    2:45:37      2.39
3rd      Kindred Spirit         3:21:13     2.69
DNF   Sailmates
DNF   Leprechaun
DNF   Magic Karpet

At the Start
Heading to the Downwind Mark
Kindred Spirit and Seance  by the mark at Grief Point

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The weather was beautiful for the May 5th race, but the wind was very light.  All and All another great day on the water and a grand time at the pub after the race.  They are still lots of openings for crew on the boats.  These are fun races and all experience levels are enthusiastically welcomed.  Just show up at the ferry terminal on Saturday mornings.  Next race in May 12th.